Matero PF MP Miles Sampa now wants to be PF President

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Miles Sampa And Nchimunya

Matero PF MP Sampa now wants to be PF President

A reliable source in PF has exclusively told The Candidates that Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa has started pushing an agenda to be party President of the former ruling party.

Sampa is said to be using some of his cronies within PF to champion his agenda.

Miles Sampa has faced tough time in PF. Since being adopted, he was beaten three times by his cadres after failing to pay them. This forced him to hire bodyguards from Kabwata Gym.

However, Sampa once left PF to form a party and went into an Alliance with NAREP before joining the UPND. He left UPND after it lost the 2016 elections and crawled back to PF where he was adopted as Lusaka Mayor following the demise of Wilson Kalumba.

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