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Maria Zed Farmer Ends Less than 2 year Marriage

Maria Zed Farmer Ends Less than 2 year Marriage
Well that did not last long! Maria Zed Farmer has never been new to controversy. This has to be one of the shortest wedding in Zambia. We thought the haters were just hating when they said “fikapwa” at Maria’s then sweet marriage.
Finally Filapwa! Many say once for the streets always for the streets. Maria has been known notoriously for snatching other women’s husbands before she tied the knot for her now just ended marriage.
Guess married women should worry again. We do not know how credible it is but Maria’s then Knight in shining armour has been dubbed abusive which is why she is seperating from him. A close family relation has confirmed that Apollinaris Mwelwa had been abusive towards Maria Zed Farmer, but she is not one to be tamed. She has already filed for judicial seperation.
The couple that married less than 2 years ago are no longer together because of alleged verbal and abuse from husband (Apollinaris ) who is a habit of insulting Maria and physically abusing her and making fun of her depression openly.
Maria Zaloumis is the CEO of Tuzini Farms, a commercial farming company that specializes in growing tomatoes.
Maria Zed Farmer had hinted in her social media posts things weren’t as rosy in her mariage. In one incidence she posted:
“Ladies, if he disrespects you, especially a Forbes woman like you, please be gone.
You are not a rehab centre for badly raised men…”

This was met with support and also criticism from her followers. One suggested for her to take an introspect into what causes these issues insteading of pointing fingers:

“Going through what might have caused all that might help.One might discover that,was maybe even the cause?.What role did i play to have brought about this?.Is very important.”