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Male contraceptive that blocks sp3rm from leaving the pen!s being developed

Male contraceptive

The yet to be named drug, being developed by researchers at the Monash University, said to be 100 percent effective, will likely be ready in the next five years.

A male contraceptive capable of blocking sp3rm from leaving the pen!s during ej@culation is being developed by scientists, it has been reported.

It blocks two key proteins in the brain that are responsible for releasing swimmers during a male org@sm, the Mailonline has reported.

It is also said to have the ability to boost lib!do by dilating blood vessels – exactly how Viagra works.

Lead researcher Dr Sab Ventura, according to Mailonline, has announced that trial will begin if the next stage of drug development proves successful.”We are moving closer to developing a convenient, safe and effective, non-hormonal oral male contraceptive that can be readily reversed,” he said.

He continued: “We aim to do this by developing a combination of two drugs that simultaneously block sp3rm transport rather than disrupt sp3rm development or maturation.

“With this non-hormonal approach, sp3rm are unaffected so the contraception is likely to be readily reversible once the medication has been stopped.”

Early laboratory tests shows the drug has no impact on s.e.xual desire.

And that the preliminary trials also showed sp3rm remained healthy and viable, should men express a desire for children in the future.


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Below we help you do the quick maths – and present you strong evidence that you may actually not be your man’s main chick.

There are girlfriends and side chicks. Which do you think you are?

It’s easy to assume that you are the main chick because some men – maybe your man, too – have perfected the dark art of deceit. So you go ahead in your little happy world loving him exclusively. You remain in that warm cocoon filled with phony promises and alternative truths.

You think your boo is your boo and that you are the only one while in reality you are the other one. Given how married men have especially been established as serial predators of unguarded hearts, there are obviously a lot of side chicks who do not know their real place.

The indicators that you’re the side chick in your relationship are pretty recognizable if you allow yourself to see the signs and put two and two together.

So below we help you do the quick maths – and present you strong evidence that may prove that you are actually your boyfriend’s side chick:

1. Limited time with you

Does he come up with all sorts of excuses to not spend special moments with you?

The general special days should make you a lot more suspicious – Christmas, new-year, even Valentine’s. These are the most difficult days to excuse one’s self from when you’re in a serious, exclusive relationship.

So if he’s regularly coming up with excuses to miss all of these days, well, chances are that he needs to be with the real one.

No matter how well he treats you, side chicks are still side chicks – a distraction from whatever commitment he already made to another woman.

2. Overly guarded with his phone

Ok, this is some sort of hot potato when it comes to relationships generally. The issue of phones, passwords, gadgets, and privacy will always generate divided opinions, of course.

However, there is undeniable secrecy you’ll sense when someone is trying to hide something. Is he deleting call history, changing passwords frequently, guarding his phone like nuclear codes?

There’s a chance that you’re likely the side chick.

3. Never shows you off to anyone

Not to friends, not to family or even followers on ANY social media platform despite having a strong, thriving presence online. There is a case to be made for private men who love to keep their business private.

While we can all appreciate their low-key spirit, we can also agree that it’s a bit unusual, even suspicious to love a whole woman for about six months to a year without anyone knowing about it.

If he’s not introducing you to his world – real or virtual – there’s every need to question that man and his intentions.

Stay woke, Queens.


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