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Malawian Musician Namadigo Steals hearts of Zambians with #Musuma


It is a beautiful thing to have an artist from another country to show a different country love. Patience Namadingo made not just a song but one which we can safely say is a classic for Zambia and my oh my the fans are showing love.

Namadingo is one of the finest music acts in the Eastern country and many love him for his African Natural vocals. Recently, he has made a name to himself with a song called Mapulani which has gone viral and appreciated across Africa.

In a video offloaded on YouTube and captioned as ‘Musuma‘, the male vocalist is seen clad in a Chipolopolo jersey. In his first verse, he thanks God for His Blessings and how he wants to celebrate by visiting Zambia. He sings about the beautiful Zambian people and quotes names from various tribes such as Mutinta, Lubasi, Chansa, Natasha e.t.c

Furthermore, the song quotes names of famous Zambian Musicians like Pompi, Able Chungu, Peterson, Slap Dee, Bombshell, Kantu, Mumba Yachi, James Sakala, Cleo and how he wishes to meet them.

In some of his lines, he mentions major towns in Zambia, the Copper belt and Lusaka.

Fans from Zambia can not wait until he comes to Zambia to perform.

If he is to come to Zambia the show is sure to be filled praises continued to come from Zambian fans like the one below:


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