On Monday 3rd August, 2020, whilst Zambians will be confined in their cosy seats enjoying the long weekend,the caring father of the nation President Edgar Chagwa Lungu will be commissioning the long awaited fly over in the capital city, Lusaka.

Other Zambians will be in the comfort of their mansions, while they condense to their respective cyber sites, browsing their assumption on how they will rule the imaginary Republic of Facebook and Twitter.

Our fit and able leader of the Christian and Democratic Republic of Zambia President Edgar Chagwa Lungu does not want to leave anything to chance, his resounding resolution is to ensure that every vow he made on the podium in the run up to the previous elections became a reality.

Ahead of the historical modernization of Lusaka, with all the reservoir of average intellect imbued in us, we took up it ourselves to interrogate the notable benefits of this mammoth PF signature project which is an access route to and from the central business district.

The fly over road is not an ordinary monument, it is the symbol of a catalyst that will aid the various human aspects.

To mention but a few; the Makeni fly over road will stimulate the various human activity and it will among other things lead to;

reduction of road traffic accidents:
lessen fuel consumption;
it will save the time spent on the road to access town;
it will promote local tourism as this is novel and extraordinary in nature.
it will lead to job creation owing to the skills which have been acquired by local contractors who participated in the construction of this facility.
it will modernize Lusaka city.
it will promote Foreign Direct Investment as this will reduce the cost of doing business.
it will make Lusaka accessible during rainy season.
We therefore wish to thank the PF for improving our quality and standard of living through the ambitious infrastructure developmental projects.

We also acknowledge the role that was played by the Indian Government in ensuring that this project came to pass.

This is evident that President Lungu’s Administration is winning trust owing to their exemplary and unmatched prudent and accountable financial Management.

With the campaign promises which have been fulfilled, we should collectively unite and ensure that we renew President Lungu’s mandate for another five years.

To the opposition politicians, the unprecedented economic activities of this nature are depleting your campaign messages.

There is no politician who will put cogent arguments to convince Zambians that they are going to build roads.

When they take their usual muddling, we understand their pain. This is why some rational and discerning minds are defecting to the ruling party.

We can only assure them that in the boat, there are so many seats.

In conclusion, we warmly acknowledge and congratulate President Lungu and the PF for giving us Lusaka fly over bridge, the promise fulfilled.