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Mabumba’s actions a reflection of Lungu’s leadership – Akafumba

Edgar Lungu, David Mabumba,

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu should apologise to Zambians because David Mabumba’s immoral act is a reflection of his leadership, says NDC

Vice-president Joseph Akafumba.

President Lungu last Wednesday terminated the appointment of Mabumba as minister of general education following a leaked video of him showing off his manhood and replaced him Dr Dennis Wanchinga.

Akafumba, a lawyer, said Mabumba had shown how immoral the entire PF is.

“We have cried loud that the PF is a failed party. We have been fighting the PF’s intentions to force down the throats of Zambians a bill that is not morally upright. Zambians have realised that it’s not only Mabumba but it’s also the entire PF that wants to make Bill 10 a male member which they can abuse even using social media,” he said. “Inasmuch as we feel pity for the man (Mabumba) his actions have shown how highly immoral the PF is in all aspects – be it corruption, theft and nepotism. They are never ashamed. Producing pornographic materials is a crime under Section 177 (1) (a) of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia and Mabumba should be arrested. Let the PF not concentrate on who distributed it but the actor in the film. The executive producer of that porn is the President himself. The buck stops on him. Why just decide to fire Mabumba instead of apologising to Zambians. Please Mr Lungu apologise to Zambians over your minister’s deeds, his actions are a reflection of your leadership. Don’t just thank him for the services rendered to the nation, Mabumba showed us that the best services he rendered are in his trousers.”

Akafumba said it was sad that a minister of education could go to such an extent of filming himself naked, while youths who do the same are quickly sent into cells.

He said while a lot of Zambians were suffering in prison cells for cases they could have been made to do community works, PF officials were freely perpetrating crimes that are meant to corrupt the minds of Zambians.

“We have a minister (Dr Chitalu Chilufya) facing four counts of theft in a court of law and he is busy enjoying ministerial powers, he drives around in a GRZ vehicle with a Zambian flag. What a shame! That flag is a symbol of integrity and yet his leader, President Edgar Lungu, sees nothing wrong with it. Donors have withheld funding to the health sector and the President sees nothing wrong with it,” lamented Akafumba.