Love & Hip Hop ATL: Justin Budd Confronts Spice About Her Raunchy Performances

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Spice has cemented her place as a prominent cast of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, and her storyline just keeps getting better as she not only represents dancehall, but Jamaican country on a global platform.

Spice now has company in the form of her current boyfriend and rumored fiancé Justin Budd, and it seems that the couple’s storyline is warming fans hearts.

During the airing of the first episode featuring Spice and her man, it seems that Justin has a problem with the performances by the Queen of the Dancehall, as he says he doesn’t like her “wining” on other people.

It’s no secret that Spice is one of if not the best when it comes to stage performances! She doesn’t just rely on her dancers to entertain, but she is often out showing fans her wining skills as she dances to her songs and performs the dances.

However, Budd isn’t amused, and he doesn’t like Spice wining with her dancers. The couple got into a heated argument and begins with a clip of Spice explaining that Justin now has an issue with her performances.

“It makes me feel a certain kind of way, I don’t want anything holding me back from being great artiste that I know that I am,” Spice begins. The show then cuts to a scene of Spice and Justin arguing in her kitchen.

Spice & Justin Budd @spiceofficial IG

“You can’t make me feel like I have to watch myself on stage, I give my all to my fans…to be honest he know who I was before we got together, he already knew I am the Queen of Dancehall, the Queen of stagesoI cant take that away from my fans and be like ‘I can’t be like Spice again I have to cut out some of the seasoning’.”

Justin Budd, however, responds, “that shows me what’s important to you.”

Spice then asks him what are some of the provocative things she does on stage that he has an issue within which Justin, who is African American, says that he has an issue with wining.

“It’s not humpng or f***** it’s just a dance,” Spice raises her voice.

However, Justin continues that the style of dancing which involves lots of gyrating and sexually suggestive movements, is not acceptable to him.

“My fantasy isn’t watching my woman who I have to watch dancing with some b***** so,” to which Spice responds – “that’s like a low blow,” before walking off.

Spice has always had an entourage of dancers to entertain her fans when she performs. Over the years, Spice has become one of the highest-earning dancehall artistes and much sought after deejays for her raunchy music and performances.

Over the years, she has remained consistent in her style of music and performance.

On the other hand, she and Justin recently started dating – with the couple revealing last year that she was in a relationship for her birthday and then shortly after showing off her family activities at Christmas, which included Justin and Spice’s two children.

Meanwhile, Spice fans reacted online to the argument, with many citing the cultural differences between the couple and the fact that wining doesn’t mean anything deeper than just dancing.

Others, however, felt that the argument was made up for a storyline for Spice and Justin.

“This is definitely made for tv. Ain’t no way he didn’t know what he was in for,” one fan said.


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