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Londie London Welcomes Baby Boy

Londie London Welcomes Baby Boy

Congratulations are in order for singer Londie London, who has recently given birth to her first child, a lovely baby boy. London, who first confirmed she was expecting in December, just made the big reveal, sharing a picture of their son dressed in Gucci. ‘She captioned the photo,’ she wrote “Our Prince has arrived. Uminathi Nkosi (Baby Umi) is here to welcome you.”

She and Kim Kholiwe are said to have the same baby daddy. She, on the other hand, denied this in a recent IG live.

She went on to refute claims that she was already married. While she is engaged, marriage is the next step. Londie’s enthusiasm to meet her unborn child was evident from the beginning.

“In the name of love, you were absolutely and wonderfully made. I haven’t even met you yet, and I’m really in love with you. My body has changed in ways I never thought possible. It’s all about you, my little one.” She penned an article. “Your little flutters and waves of movement as you lie close to my heart wake me up every morning.”

The soon-to-be parents shared their willingness to be the best parents possible for their child at the time, saying, “I can only hope that we can be the parents that you deserve.” We want to teach you to listen to your heart, to dream without boundaries, and to feel the unconditional love of your family.

“We commit to assist you in every way possible in your life. We’ll let you go your own way, but we’ll still be close enough to catch you if you fall. Thank you for being a ray of sunshine in my life. “I’m in love with you.”