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#Lockdown Romance…Doctor Asks Fadzayi Mahere Out On Twitter

Fadzayi Mahere

A doctor recently charmed and captivated the attention of Zimbabweans on social media and had the whole country, or it seems like it, rally behind him after he asked prominent lawyer, Advocate Fadzayi Mahere out for a date on social media. Dr Lenon Gwaunza who is a neurologist based in South Africa decided to ‘shoot his shot’ and ask Fadzayi for a date on social media platform Twitter.

The Advocate responded by setting out a number of conditions which had to be met and seemed to shift the goalposts every time the good doctor fulfilled the obligations.

The Zimbabwean medical fraternity showed great unity and rallied other Zimbabweans and non-Zimbabweans alike to the cause to make sure that Lenon would meet every new condition that Fadzayi set for him. Advocate and #Team Lennon were soon trending on social media as many people tried to make the date happen.

Fadzayi eventually said yes but along the way she managed to raise US$5000 for the coronavirus (Covid-19) campaign, after skillfully using the attention the couple had gathered to raise awareness for people in need.

Below is how the exchanges played out on social media between the two and thousands of other social media users.

Lenon got the ball rolling after declaring his appreciated for Fadzay’s wit and beauty. Said Lenon,


You’re the most intelligent and beautiful woman I know. Just figured I’d shoot my shot. Stay amazing.

Lenon then went on to ask Fadzayi how many retweets she wanted to make the date happen and she said 100.

Many in the medical sector quickly rallied behind Lenon and the target of 100 was met easily. Fadzayi then cited a technicality saying that she never specified the kind of date that was on offer. She gave Lenon the date for the day (24 April 2020) and said that if he wanted an actual dinner date, he should get 2000 retweets.

Unsurprisingly, many people cried foul and accused Fadzayi of rigging the process. However, people rallied on and the 2000 retweets were reached.

At this point, Fadzayi expressed her awe at Lenon’s efforts and tenacity and praised the unity the medical fraternity was displaying.

Hospitality group, Cresta Jameson even requested to be the official sponsors of the dinner date after the lockdown is concluded.

However, she has still had a couple of tricks up her sleeves. Fadzayi said that she did not trust the ‘doctored’ figures which led to a lot of good-natured indignation and declarations to defend the people’s vote. Elections management body ZEC (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission) received many potshots at this point as some accused Fadzayi of trying to do a ‘ZEC’ on them.

Popular opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa joined in the fun promising to defend the people’s votes.

Others called on her to accept the results:

However, undeterred by the avalanche of responses, Fadzayi took advantage of another loophole and declared that she had never specified when the dinner date would be held. She demanded a further 3 000 retweets, bringing the total to 5 000 retweets if Lenon wanted the date to happen before December.

Again, there was good-natured outrage and people continued retweeting until the figure was reached.

After the figure of 5, 000 retweets was reached, Fadzayi said that Lenon was entitled to a date at a fast food joint where she would be wearing a tracksuit. She then upped the ante and said that if he wanted a formal dinner date where she would dress up, she wanted to raise US$5 000 for a Covid-19 fundraising campaign.

Dr Gwaunza was up to the task and committed his own money to the fundraising campaign. While the figure initially seemed insurmountable, given the salaries of health care workers and civil servants in Zimbabwe, the figure was eventually reached.

Advocate Mahere tried to wiggle out of the date one more time claiming that she had been redeemed from the date by the legal profession’s donation of a ventilator.

However, the neurologist was not having any of it this time and insisted that he was going to go on the date with Fadzayi Mahere saying that they could have the best of both worlds.

Advocate Mahere eventually gave an unequivocal yes to the date much to the delight of Dr Gwaunza and the thousands of Zimbabweans who had been rallying behind them.

Apart from raising well over US$5000 ( at the time of publishing it was US$5 742) Advocate Mahere and Dr Gwaunza inspired many to donate to the Covid Relief efforts. Below are some of the things which various organisations and individuals pledged as part of the Covid-19 relief efforts and community service.