Lightning Fatally Strikes Man in Kasama

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Tragedy Strikes as Man in Kasama District Dies from Lightning Strike

In a devastating incident, Lawrence Kabwe, a 41-year-old resident of the Ntumpa area in Chief Nkole-mfumu’s Chiefdom, Kasama District, lost his life after being struck by lightning. This unfortunate event took place on November 6, around 18:00 hours at Lualuo market.

Lucky Munkhondya, the Commanding Officer of the Northern Province Police, has confirmed this tragic occurrence. According to Munkhondya, the deceased, along with other members of a cooperative, was in Kasama to collect farming inputs under the Farmer Input Support Program. He served as the Chairperson for the Kombe Kasala Cooperative.

On their way back from Kasama, while they were at Lualuo Market, a sudden rainstorm began. As the thunderstorm raged, Kabwe was struck by lightning, resulting in his immediate death. The incident was reported to the local police, who promptly visited the scene, finding the lifeless body of the victim.

Upon physical inspection, it was noted that there were no visible injuries on the deceased, except for torn clothing. The body of the late Lawrence Kabwe has been transferred to the Kasama General Hospital Mortuary, where it awaits a postmortem examination.

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