Letoya Makhene grateful for father blessing her relationship

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Letoya Makhene

Actress and singer Letoya Makhene has penned a heartfelt letter thanking her father for his support of her relationship with businesswoman Lebohang Keswa.

Letoya’s relationship hogged headlines earlier last month after Sunday World revealed that she was dating Keswa. Speaking to the paper, Toya said she was hesitant to reveal her new romance to her father, veteran musician Blondie Makhene, because of what he might say.

“My biggest fear was telling my dad and my children that mommy is in love with a woman. I was afraid of hurting them,” she said.

But Blondie has blessed their relationship and, in a letter addressed to her father, Letoya thank him for his undying support and advice.

“You know how much I’ve dealt with in my journey through life, daddy. How many times I’ve been told to repent and forsake my ancestors — for hell surely awaits me. Now — as we predicted — the same people are telling me once again that hell awaits me because I’ve finally found everything that I’ve ever prayed for in a lifelong partner.

“Thank you daddy for the blessing you gave us. Yours and God’s is the only blessing that matters,” she said.

The actress also share some intimate details about the path that led to her finding Lebohang.

“It’s crazy how the universe works. I put in the work. Realigned myself with the universe and watched my prayers come to fruition. The one thing that I could never have predicted is that the kind of love that I prayed for would be wrapped and packaged in the form of a woman.”

Letoya explained that she took a lot of time conversing with God about her new found love. After questioning why it came the way it has, God gave her two options.

“He (God) gave me two choices. One was to receive his gift of love as is, the other was to walk away and lose myself bit by bit to men who will never really understand or honour me because of the power that I possess through the gifts that he has given me.”


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