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‘LET HIM DIE’: Mother abandons son in hospital on allegations of practising Satanism

CHRISTINE CHIHAME, Reports: The Family of a 33-year-old man of Lusaka who is alleged to have sacrificed his sibling in order to gain wealth has abandoned him at University Teaching Hospitals (UTH) saying it is better he dies than get healed because of what he has done.

Raphael Mwape, who is unable to walk after sustaining ‘mysterious’ fire burns, is alleged to have caused the death of his younger brother early last year and was caught drinking his blood.

According to his mother, Febby Kandulu, Raphael was allegedly asked to make another sacrifice this year by killing his younger sister but the charms backfired on him.

A visit to UTH by Sunday Mail found Raphael in his hospital bed visibly in pain with burns on his body.

Because of what the hospital has termed as ‘mysterious burns’, Raphael’s bones in his fingers and legs from the feet to the knees are exposed.

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