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legal status on inauguration and final results delay


legal status on inauguration and final results delay

ECZ may not announce the winner tonight due to crowd control and security. If they do, there might be too much celebrations across the country that the police may not manage to control at night. Please stay calm and the final results will be announced tomorrow.

For the inauguration of the President HH, this will happen on a Tuesday, seven days after the declaration of the winner provided that there isn’t an active petition case before the constitutional court.

In our opinion, we do not think that the PF will petition this results on their alleged grounds. President Edgar Lungu has already complained of the elections not to have been free and fair. But PF legal minds have already conceded and accepted that the elections were free and fair to them.

As a public judge, we have already dismissed Edgar Lungu’s argument that the elections were not free and fair. We have reminded him that he refused HH to campaign in certain parts of the country. He also refused HH the right to use an aircraft to move from one region to another. Him Edgar Lungu tried to disadvantage the UPND during the campaigns rendering the elections not free and fair. But the voters, who are the ultimate judges managed to read between the lines that they have settled for Hakainde Hichilema as their 7th president. ECL lost even in police camps and army barracks. We would advise him to be humble and do the right thing.

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