LAZ is being unfair – Given Lubinda cries

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LAZ is being unfair – Given Lubinda cries

Patriotic Front -PF -Member of the Central Committee GIVEN LUBINDA has asked bodies like the Law Association of Zambia -LAZ- and others to exercise objectivity and fairness as they comment on the ongoing electoral process.

Mr. LUBINDA says his party is dismayed by the incessant criticism of President EDGAR LUNGU for merely expressing an opinion as a Presidential candidate in the electoral process.

He says President LUNGU as an interested party in the election has every right to complain if he notices serious flaws in the electoral process.

In a statement to ZNBC News this evening, Mr. LUBINDA said the PF Presidential candidate is not interfering in the process by commenting on the death of Mr. JACKSON KUNGO and supporters because he cannot ignore the tragic incidents.

He said it is shocking that LAZ can issue a statement criticizing President LUNGU for merely expressing his concern at the murder of his campaign manager, officials and displacing many of the PF supporters.

Mr. LUBINDA said the PF is surprised that LAZ has ignored the killings because they have not condemned violence, yet it is an association that is supposed to be promoting human rights and upholding the right to life.

Yesterday, President LUNGU, the PF Presidential Candidate in the Election held on Thursday said the election was NOT Free and Fair because Southern, North-Western and Western Provinces were characterised by violence rendering the whole exercise a nullity.

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