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Lasizwe Opens Up on not being Invited To #Somhale Wedding!

The who’s who in the entertainment industry scored invites to Somizi and Mohale’s much talked about wedding – well except for Lasizwe.

In an interview with Times LIVE, the 22 year old star opened up about not getting invited to, probably the most anticipated wedding in celebville. He stated that, the reasons behind getting snubbed, could be attributed to the strained relations between him and Somizi.

“I was a little bit touched that I wasn’t invited because when I came into the game, I looked up to Somizi. He was like an industry father and a lot of industry people didn’t like our relationship and got into our relationship and interfered. They caused a rift between him and I.” Said Lasizwe.

The YouTube sensation admitted that he was hurt by the snub, as he regarded Somizi’s as his ‘industry father’.

With regards to their relationship, Lasizwe revealed that one could cut the tension with a knife, whenever they were in close proximity. He also added that, the catalysts behind the break down of their relationship are still unknown to him.

“I’m sure Somizi told Mohale, ‘it’s a little bit tense with me and Lasizwe’, or whatever happened or transpired. Until this day, I don’t know what caused the rift between him and I.”