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“It cuts you deep…” – Lasizwe Opens Up On Heart Break

Lasizwe Opens Up On Heart Break

YouTuber and reality star, Lasizwe Dambuza has finally addressed his recent break-up after his ex-bae and his friend mocked his pain in several IG stories.

In the video which went viral, the pair is heard laughing at Lasizwe and constantly asking: “Why are you heartbroken?” and therefore the guy in bed with Lasizwe’s ex is holding a doom spray which kills cockroaches. He then sprays it into the camera and says: “I will doom you Swirie.”

Now the media personality has taken to Twitter to confront his painful breakup head-on by saying that a broken heart is that the hardest to heal.

He tweeted a series of emotional tweets which read:

“This world can hurt you. It cuts you deep and leaves a scar. Things disintegrate , but nothing breaks sort of a heart.

“It sucks feeling like this! It sucks not being on top of things of your emotions. It’s sucks feeling like you’re alone within the world! It’s sucks shutting people out especially those that care about you out. IT SUCKS! you’re NOT ALONE, i’m within the SAME BOAT WITH YOU! But we’ll WIN!”

Here are some reactions from his fans:

“I won’t have skilled an equivalent situation as you, but trust me once I say I understand your pain. you do not deserve any of this, you actually don’t. Be strong and always remember who you’re .”

“Glad you express how you are feeling , it’s normal and it’s ohk. confirm you do not lose yourself through your adversity , I repeat 2u, healing takes time. All will return together like nothing happened. you only need to be easy on yourself. Love and lightweight .”

“We are together Mntase. Lento yomjolo akusiyethu sonke, thina nje siyilaba “Ncooooahh, My People” to other couples…”

“You will heal and you’ll laugh and smile again. Your heart will love and convey those you’re keen on again closer to you and your mind will again allow everything to flow like nothing happened. twiddling my thumbs with yourself, healing & finding yourself takes TIME.”

Dambuza also explained why he has publicly opened about his heartbreak:

“The reason I’m being transparent with people is that i’m quite uninterested in sugar-coating things, claiming how i’m sad due to the ‘long distance’ while I’m out here looking sort of a crybaby. I wanted people to know why I’m crying.”