Home Entertainment News Lasizwe Jumps to defend Khanyi Mbau from twitter trolls

Lasizwe Jumps to defend Khanyi Mbau from twitter trolls

Lasizwe and Khanyi Mbau

Lasizwe jumped on the TL to prove that blood is thicker than Twitter clout after his sister Khanyi Mbau edited a picture they took together to make her brother lighter and to give him a slimmer nose.

Fans were up in arms after Khanyi went all Dr. 90210 on Lasizwe’s nose, in addition to making him a shade lighter. Her “surgical” skills, or rather photo editing skills, left some tweeps properly touched.

Check out some of the initial reactions to the moemish.

However, Lasizwe quickly shut down the “outrage”.

He said people filtered pictures all the time and it wasn’t a big deal.

“I don’t get the hype around the picture my sister and I posted. Let’s not throw bricks at each other when we all live in glass houses. I’m sure most of us have insecurities we wish to cover forever. Cut us some slack. At the end of the day, we all use filters.”

After Lasizwe basically said “it’s not that deep guys!”, tweeps backed off into their corners.

Also … if Khanyi will sponsor him, it seems like Lasizwe is willing to go under the knife.