Lalla Hirayama Offends Coloured Women With Her Parody TikTok Video

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Lalla Hirayama

Lalla Hirayama’s attempt at keeping her fans entertained during lockdown went south when a majority of the Coloured people took offense.

The TV presenter deleted the video of herself mimicking a Coloured woman singing an adapted version of ‘2 Legit 2 Quit’ by MC Hammer. Her parody of the old video received some major backlash, of which she then later deleted the video.

In the video she can be seen making ‘funny’ facial expressions and likened them to that of a Coloured woman. She was slammed for the stereotypical video against Coloured women for what social media dubbed a “cheap laugh”.

The IG video made its way to Twitter and the raged user posted the offensive video with the caption; “So when @Lalla_Hirayama run(s) out of ideas, she decides to make Coloured women the butt end of her pathetic jokes.”

Twitter was not impressed and called Lalla out on her disrespect to women.

Lalla went on to block the people who came after her and is yet to apologize for the derogatory video.

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