Kodak Black Urges Fans To Wear Mask Following Death Of His Friend’s Mother

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Kodak Black told his fans to mask up or else.

The Pompano Beach rapper shared his personal experience with Coronavirus, telling his fans on Twitter that his close friend just lost his mother to the deadly virus. As a result, Kodak Black is urging his fans to take the pandemic seriously and wear a mask.

“Y’all Put Dem Masks Back On,” He advised highlighting a mask emoji. “My Homie Jus Loss His Momma From Dat Sh*t,” he concluded with a facepalm.

For the most part, his fans seem to be taking his message positively, especially since there is a growing divide among the US population regarding the wearing of masks and their effectiveness.

“Thx Kodak for looking out,” one fan applauded.

“Sorry to hear that. My condolences to his family!! And yes this sh*t is so real and these folks think it’s a dam* joke,” another supporter added.

The “Feelin Peachy” rapper was one of the celebrities who had publicly advertised the wearing of masks in light of this pandemic. The artiste was the first to receive a diamond-encrusted Sniper Gang mask from famous jeweler Johnny Dang. The mask was rumored to be worth US$30,000. Johnny Dang & Company, based in Houston, TX, is known for making diamond-covered chains, bracelets, watches, pendants, grillz, and other accessories that rappers flock to in droves.

The Coronavirus is currently affecting 220 countries and territories worldwide.

Although the past few months started with less severe conditions, there have been elevated levels of mental health issues among adults and children since August. August has also seen a dramatic increase in case numbers.

Experts are also begging individuals to heed as a new wave of outbreak is already on the horizon. As new strains are frequently announced, numerous countries are making vaccinations mandatory, with the dangerous Delta variant now wreaking havoc.

Anyone concerned that they may have been exposed to, or are currently experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, should contact their primary care provider, local public health office, or a Public Health Agency.


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