“Kitwe Teacher Overwhelmed with Tears as Former Pupils Gift Him a New Car”

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In Kitwe today, a heartwarming story unfolded as Mr. Kalembo Fredrick, a dedicated teacher with 33 years of service, found himself overwhelmed with emotion and unable to take a step. It all began when his former students from Parklands, who hold a deep affection for him, showered him with an outpouring of love.

Mr. Kalembo has earned a reputation as a universally beloved teacher, except for a few who feel uncomfortable when he’s praised in their presence. His legacy is a testament to his likable nature.

In a touching gesture, a group of former pupils, representing the 2005 intake, surprised Mr. Kalembo by giving him a brand-new car and a generous sum of K30,000. The emotional scene brought tears to the eyes of many, particularly those who have known him for an extended period.

Five years ago, Mr. Kalembo had to sell his car to ensure his daughter’s education, later taking on a substantial loan to secure her future. After the loss of his wife in 2015, he garnered a distinct reputation for his unique attire and what some consider to be talking to himself.

Led by their former head boy, who has since become an influential figure at Kansenshi Mine, these former pupils revisited their alma mater to inspire the current grade 12 students, who are about to embark on their exams. In addition to the new car, they also extended a helping hand to assist their former teacher in starting a business.

When they presented the car keys and the money to Mr. Kalembo, he was momentarily transfixed, as if encased in ice, unable to move a muscle. Tears welled in his eyes, and the people around him, including his former pupils, couldn’t help but shed tears as well.

The former head boy expressed their gratitude, saying, “Mr. Kalembo, this is a small token to say thank you. You shaped and made us who we are today,” as he warmly embraced their beloved teacher.

In the wake of this remarkable act of kindness, Kitwe residents find themselves wondering if they’ve witnessed a miracle, touched by the sweetness of this moment. It’s a poignant reminder of the immense sacrifices made by teachers, deserving of our appreciation and recognition.

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