Kitwe Rising Artist Apologises For Faking On-line Conversations With Manchester United Stars

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Mercy Gondwe

Rising visual artist star, Mercy Gondwe based in Kitwe has apologised to her fans for faking some conversations with Manchester United football stars.

Mercy Gondwe, who styles herself as Mercy G artist-the pencil lady, has been exposed by social media users for faking online conversations with Manchester United Football star, Paul Pogba.

She also faked a recent conversation with Manchester United star, Anthony Marshall and the club’s official page.

She however insists that her artwork is pure talent and she will continue to grow her career.

However internet trollers have bullied her to also confess that even her work is a result of a pencil art Application and time-lapse App for art vidoes.

Below is Mercy G’s confession

My apologies to everyone i have hurt and let down.

I have made mistakes and learnt through them.

And if u 100% perfect like Jesus continue throwing stones at me🙂.

I am human and its normal for me to make mistakes the good thing is that i have admit it, learnt from it and will never do it again.

Those that still love my work thank u so much ,from today onwards i promise to make u proud by working extra hard

2 things i leanrt from this incident
1. most people will wait patiently and celebrate your downfall
2.In life never trust no one .Your closest friends are your worst enemies (and i witnessed that from the passed 2 days)

To people that have hated me through out their lives and waiting for my downfall am sorry i cant compell u to love me u can keep hating whilst i make moves.

#one mistake does not have to control your whole life

-pencil lady

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