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King Monada Dumps Second Wife?

King Monada, King Monada Dumps Second Wife

So many Mzansi Celebs have been parting ways, just last week it was alleged that Muvhango star Gabriel Tedzani had split from his wife.

This week it is none other than Idibala star King Monada who is allegedly through with his second wife Cynthia Leon. Sunday World has it that King Monanda chased Leon out of his house in Limpopo last week.

According to sources the singer’s second wife was always nagging him for coming home late.

“She didn’t understand that by virtue of being a celebrity, Monada is a people’s person and sometimes or always will return home late at night because he has to make money. But she will nag him for that,”

She was reportedly very disrespectful to his family, most especially his mom.

“He then told her to go back to her parents’ home to be properly disciplined as she lacked respect. She left but returned to Monada’s house later in a bakkie and took her stuff and drove off.”

This is so unexpected as King Monada had just finished building his wives a new house.

He said he built this house because the entertainment industry can be very unpredictable, “I decided to build this house because an artist’s lifespan is never guaranteed, so I needed to make sure that if anything happens to me or my career, my two wives and children would not suffer. Having all the fancy cars is great, it is beautiful. But that’s just it. You cannot invest in a car, but a house is surely an investment, this house is big enough and does not need any extensions even in future,”

Could this be the end?