Home Tech Kenyan tech startup drives innovation during a Covid-19 climate.

Kenyan tech startup drives innovation during a Covid-19 climate.

Kenyan tech startup drives innovation

The tech industry’s current state in Kenya is positive, with tons of innovation led by children to drive valuable change.

There could also be a missing gap between real life-solving innovations and, therefore, high tech; this is often the utilization of smart technology and AI, among others. This ape-man makes the connection daunting to address real-life issues. Within the case of AI, the shortage of knowledge and ways to capture data correctly renders any machine learning tool built non-reliable.

The opportunity for AfyaRekod is exceptionally massive in having the ability to standardize how we create the tools in line with the ecosystem merging innovation with reality. At AfyaRekod, we train the team to be outcome-driven instead of process-driven.

The future of tech is certainly youth-focused with tons of self-learning. One of the strong pillars and a vital aspect of the longer term of tech is R&D Innovations. Currently, an astounding number of tech innovations inbuilt Africa have minimal R&D backing. There’s significant room to create valuable IP through well-done R&D.

AfyaRekod softly launched in March 2020; the present climate at the time (still ongoing) was the COVID- 19 pandemics. It presented a chance to pivot even with internal fears of AfyaRekod being tagged as an innovation built mainly to assist curb the COVID-19 pandemic. We took this chance and pushed ourselves to extreme lengths enabling us to survive as a tech startup.

We are excited to participate within the SA Innovation Summit this year to interact with like-minded stakeholders and discuss how we will further repose on innovative tech in Africa and, therefore, the world.

*The South African Innovations Summit is happening from September 30th – October 1st this year and promises to be a spectacular event that ought not to be missed.