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Kelly Khumalo On Divorcing Her Sister And THAT Viral Crying Video

kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo has been having one hell of a time! The lockdown has has ruined her plans. Her album which was supposed to come out this month has been postponed along with the launch of her gin.

She appeared on the Afternoon Express and spoke  of her deteriorating relationship with her sister Zandie KhumaloKelly Khumalo‘s sister Zandie shocked the public when she announced she was divorcing the star in an explosive statement on social media.

“The matter has been handed over to the lawyers. it is that bad, honestly, I am at peace with it. I am that one person who moved on when it is time to move on, whether you are family or not. When it is time to move on, it is time to move on.”

She even commented on that viral video of her crying and telling fans that she had been summoned to tell them to pray. She says it was an out of body experience.

“It wasn’t me, everyone who knows me knows lm not like that, l have a gift, l see things, I feel things.”

She even had a word for her haters.

“It’s simple, how you see me is a reflection of how you see yourself. So if you see the worst in me that is exactly how you feel about yourself.”

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Kelly and Zandile Khumalo

Zandie Khumalo has released a scathing statement, announcing her decision to “divorce” her sister and popular songstress Kelly Khumalo.

This after Kelly released a statement distancing herself from an alleged scam in which Zandie’s husband Mhlo Gumede was allegedly involved.

Zandie took to Instagram to share the lengthy letter in which she expressed how heartbreaking it was for her to “love her sister from a distance”, labelling Kelly’s statement “haphazard…Continue Reading…