Kelly Khumalo gets candid about lockdown: Drink or no drink, s*** is real

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Kelly Khumalo

It’s day 20 of season one of lockdown and while most South Africans are trying their best to take each day with a pinch of salt, some days are simply tougher than others.

And Tuesday was a tough day for songstress Kelly Khumalo.

Like many South Africans, sis has been trying her best to hold her head high during this stressful time.

She’s been home schooling her kids, drinking her gin and making homemade pasta. But on Tuesday she got real candid about the whole experience.

She shared her truth, which is an undeniable fact: “this is not fun any more”.

“A drink is no longer nice. Cooking is not fun any more. My eyes hurt from watching too much TV. My bed is depressing. I know this is for the best, but f**k this is tough. A hug would do” she admitted.

The singer even admitted that her “unending stash” of alcohol was not helping.

Besides, it is not fun drinking alone.

However, Kelly is hopeful that things will be okay one day soon.

“I know everything will be ok. In fact, more than ok. (I) just had to be human even just for a day, I don’t really get a lot of those in my life,” she told a follower.

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