Kelly Khumalo Defends Racy Instagram Picture

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Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo might have turned to Gospel music but the musician still has a hot bod that she wants to flaunt on the Gram.

Khumalo was dragged on social media recently after she posted a racy picture of herself in a bathtub, with her underwear lying on the floor. People said that Kelly Khumalo was not respecting her body and religion.

People came after her but the musician fought back, bashing those Christians who portray their love for God but are social media trolls.

The now Gospel musician questioned how can a picture of that nature compromise her relationship with God.

Another fan asked Kelly to apologize for the snap, however, she gave her a piece of her mind, “Take your love and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. Apologize for what?”

In an Instagram video, she responded to the critics and addressed the fake Christians.

“I am still battling to understand how a picture in a bathtub, and a pair of knickers on the floor, define my relationship with God.

“For the longest time, I have watched the so-called Christians getting away with judging people to the extent where we have people that fear to go to the house of the Lord or of fear being vocal about their relationship with God because people will judge them

“My choices, my life, my relationship with God has absolutely nothing to do with you. I will continue to sing gospel music, whenever I feel like. I will not have you or anyone else try to take that away from me.” she ranted.


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