Kapiri woman gets three years for cutting her husband’s manhood on suspicion of cheating

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AN argument over extra marital affairs has caused a Kapiri Mposhi woman in central Province to cut her husband’s manhood.

Given Chilufya, 37, is believed to have woken up at midnight on August 4th after an argument with Jimmy Ngulube 43,over his suspected infidelity and decided that enough was enough by cutting his manhood.

In this matter, Chilufya is charged and convicted of unlawful wounding.

When the matter came up before Kapiri Mposhi Resident Magistrate Arnold Kasongamulilo, he sentenced Chilufya to three-years-imprisonment for unlawfully wounding her husband.

It was alleged that on August 4, 2022, around midnight, Chilufya unlawfully wounded her husband.

Court heard that on the material day, Mr Ngulube and his wife had an argument, just before going to bed.

It was heard that during the argument, Chilufya accused her husband of having an extra marital affair.

Ngulube in his testimony told court that while he was sleeping, he felt a sharp pain on his private parts, and when he woke up, he found his wife standing by the bed, with a knife in her hand.

He narrated to court that he noticed blood on his private parts adding also that whilist Chilufya stood by there bed side holding a knife, she threatened to kill him.

Mr Ngulube further narrated however, that with the help of his brother, the mater was reported to police and he was later rushed to hospital.

In mitigation, Chilufya begged the court for leniency for attacking and wounding her husband.

However, Magistrate Kasongamulilo told Chilufya that it appeared that she wanted to kill he husband and there by sentenced her to three-years imprisonment.

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