Kanye West’s Wyoming plans approved

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Kanye West’s 10 bedroom mansion in Wyoming has been approved by planners.

The Yeezy founder submitted plans to build a lakeside abode on his ranch in the western United States and now planners have given it the go-ahead.

And Kanye has also had plans approved to build two underground garages at the property, which are 10 000 square feet each, TMZ reports.

It comes after Kanye revealed Los Angeles feels “a bit cramped” for his mind and he would love to move to Wyoming.

He explained: “Los Angeles feels a bit cramped for my mind. When you drove here you, you didn’t see a lot of extra noise. It was the road, and then just God.

“When you see all of the billboards, the traffic billboards, and when I say traffic, I’m talking about the billboards are actually s.ex trafficking, because if a guy is arguing with his girl, or going through something with his wife, and on one side of the street there’s a billboard for spirits, which is alcohol, and on the other side it’s, ‘call this number’ or it’s a picture of a woman on the billboard and says, ‘Come to this strip club.’

“And he goes and he spends some money just to have someone to sit down and talk to him. And at the end of the night when they close up the club they say how much traffic did we have? So there’s all different layers to trafficking.”

And Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian West previously revealed he wants to move to Wyoming but her law studies mean they can’t just yet.

Kim must remain a resident of California so she can sit the state bar exam there in 2024, she said: “I know that my husband wants to move to Wyoming, but I love California. Honestly, the sky, the air, everything is different in Wyoming. I love it. It’s a happy place for me, and my sisters, we all want to get a ranch there. We just did a cattle drive down there. It’s been amazing.”

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