Kanye West Yeezy Sales Surged 347% Ahead Of 3rd “Donda” Listening Party In Chicago

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Kanye West’s Yeezy sales have surged more than 300% as fans standby for the highly anticipated Donda release.

After a huge dip in numbers, Yeezy sales reportedly has skyrocketed again following the delay of his latest album. On July 23, after the listening party for Donda, the numbers were the lowest they’d ever been as they dropped 94%, according to The Sole Supplier. However, Yeezy sales surged up 347% after demand grew significantly higher with the latest Gap collaboration drop.

The increase reportedly comes after a single night when the brand converted millions in sales following the release of the Yeezy x Gap Jacket. According to Yahoo, Gap CEO Mickey Drexler says they made about $7 million in sales overnight after the jacket sold roughly 35,000 units at $200 apiece.

It remains unclear when Donda will arrive, and with Yeezy sales surging in its absence, there’s no telling how long that will remain up in the air. Kanye West is reportedly planning a third listening event for the album that he has been teasing for what seems like forever. The rapper has already teased that the album will include the likes of The Weeknd, producer Mike Dean and more. The latter had to clarify that he is still team Donda after he recently fired off some tweets leading fans to believe that he had dropped the project.

So far we know that the third listening event will be in Chicago, where Kanye West grew up with his mother.

“I haven’t quit anything. The album continues. Lol. People read too much into tweets,” Mike Dean confirmed. Meanwhile, Kanye West has remained tight-lipped about a possible release date for the album as he continues to host listening parties in lieu of its arrival. It was reported earlier this year in March that Gap expects their collaborative line with the Yeezy brand to yield $150 million in sales by 2022. If $7 million in one night is any indication, the brand may be on to something. However, fans won’t be pleased if a delayed Donda album continues to be leveraged with sales.

How many more listening events do you think Kanye has in store before he actually rolls out the full-length project?


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