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Kanye West 101 On: Kris Jong Un, Divorce, Kim and Meek Mill entanglement

Kanye West Urinates On Grammy

Hip hop superstar Kanye West has gone on another Twitter rant and it was aimed at Kris Jenner, his wife Kim Kardashian West and Meek Mill.

This followed his public meltdown at his political rally in South Carolina on Sunday, where he ranted about why he is anti-abortion, attacked Harriet Tubman and argued policy with an attendee.

He went on an initial Twitter rant where he claimed Kim and Kris tried to “fly to Wyoming with a doctor to lock me up” amongst other strange posts, which he swiftly deleted.

Now, the “Ultralight Beam” hitmaker went on another rant where he doubled down on claims that Kris and Kim tried to get two doctors to see him, adding that they tried to 51/50 him, a US police code for a person that is a danger to themselves.

Furthermore, Kanye said he tried to get a divorce from Kim for two years after she allegedly got “entangled” with Meek Mill at the Waldorf hotel when they linked up to talk about person reform.

Kim and Meek both spoke at the Criminal Justice Reform Summit in Los Angeles in 2018.

He also called his mother-in-law Kris Jong Un – possibly referring to her control over the Kardashian/Jenner clan.

The “Life of Pablo” rapper also took aim at a statement released by Kim and Kris saying it was done without his approval. Furthermore, saying “that’s not what a wife should do” followed by “white supremacy”.

Twitter user has been very confused by Kanye’s rants online and shared their thoughts on the micro-blogging website.