Kambwili runs away from reporters’ questions on his next political move

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CHISHIMBA Kambwili this morning eluded the media at the Magistrates’ Court fearing being questioned over next move after the PF loss of elections.

This was after media personnel questioned him if he had assimilated the outcome of last Thursday’s general elections.

In his response, Kambwili said; “There is a President-elect, we must support and respect him.”

When asked about his next political move after his party lost elections, the dispirited Kambwili rushed to his white Lexus.

No sooner had the sweating Kambwili occupied the front passenger seat than the car sped off.

Appearing for defence in a matter he is accused of defamation of the president after calling outgoing President Edgar Lungu a ‘dog’ before High Court judge Lameck Mwale, who sat as Lusaka Chief resident magistrate, the crestfallen Kambwili apologised for absenting himself at the last sitting.

He claimed that he was down with COVID-19.

This was after his previous lawyers Keith Mweemba and Gilbert Phiri told the court that they could not lead Kambwili in his defense due to outstanding legal fees.

“We wish to apologise for being absent at the last sitting as we were not aware of the date. Equally we had and still have no instructions on how to proceed in this matter,” said Mweemba.

Phiri adopted Mweemba’s submissions in their entirety that the defence had unresolved issues of instructions (legal fees).

At this point, Kambwili apologised to the court for absconding court on the pretext that he was unwell.

“I just read from the press that the matter had come up the previous sitting. I had COVID-19. I will need about two weeks to resolve the issues with the lawyers before we can proceed,” said Kambwili.

State advocate Charity Bauleni objected to the application for an adjournment saying Kambwili’s surety indicated that he had malaria and not COVID-19.

Judge Mwale gave Kambwili another benefit of doubt in the interest of justice and adjourned the case to September 15.

“I shall give the accused a benefit of doubt and an opportunity to furnish instructions to his lawyers,” said judge Mwale.

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