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Je Smiles, Zambia Music Next Best Thing

Je Smiles, Vizapanga Sense

Introducing Je Smiles!! He is an upcoming artist who is well on his way to being Zambian Music’s Next Best Thing. Not every shooting star you see is a sign of great things to come, few are and that analogy is almost similar in the music industry. Every now and then you come across an artist and you can tell this one is headed for the stars.

It’s hard to explain but that must be what Diddy meant when he used the same analogy after meeting Biggie. The same can be said about Je Smiles, the Zambian rapper whose versatility in style might lead you to think he is a group. lol


Who is Je Smiles?

Je Smiles is a hip hop/afrobeat rapper from Zambia. Real Names John Chafwa Jr born in Kabwe and raised between Livingstone and Mongu towns in Zambia. He developed a love for music at a very young age, since then he never let it go.

He developed a love for music in high school where he met his Angolan friend, DJ Adilson Mendes with whom he formed a rap group called “The Diplomats”.

Their first single ‘Something In Common’ was a big hit in Western Province. It was a motivational song performed in English, Portuguese, and Nyanja, the song acted as a spring board in his early music career.

Je Smiles is an interesting hip hop artist who raps over afro-beats yet maintaining the authenticity of Zambia rap and telling stories in English, Nyanja, Bemba and Lozi. He describes his music as adult contemporary rap music, drawing inspiration from Macky 2, C.R.I.S.I.S and Black Munthu of Zambia. M.I of Nigeria and Dr. Dre internationally.

Back to his early start in music; The highschool Rap group did not go far as a member of the group had to return to Angola. Which left Je Smiles with the option of going to College or continue with a Solo career. College won out and so Je Smiles moved to Lusaka in 2008 and attended the Zambia Center for Accountancy where he pursued a diploma in Accounting.

After a few years hiatus from the music scene, Je Smiles was discovered by Fumbani Changaya, CEO of Nexus Musik Africa in 2018 and got signed officially in 2020. He has done numerous musical covers and underground hip hop songs for years.

Je smiles released his first official single this year titled Vizapanga Sense which received positive reviews from listeners as it dwelled on the struggles of a single mother and the struggles of an unemployed youth, encouraging that it will get better one day soon.

Je smiles is currently working on his E.P scheduled for release later in 2020. We had the opportunity of sampling some snippets from the upcoming E.P and we are convinced this one is for the books! Je Smiles is definitely set to be the next big artist to come from Zambia.

Check out his single by clicking the link below: