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Jah Prayzah Disbands Military Touch Movement (MTM), Terminates All Contracts

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In a stunning development, music superstar Jah Prayzah has disbanded the Military Touch Movement (MTM) stable and cancelled all contracts.  Jah Prayzah revealed this in a lengthy statement in which he said that he felt that all the artists under MTM had outgrown the stable and needed to flourish on their own.

This comes after Nutty O, one of the artists who were under MTM threw his manager under the bus for saying that Nutty O was leaving Military Touch.  The dancehall musician quickly released a video statement in which he rubbished his manager’s claims and said that he was going nowhere.  iHarare has since learned that  Nutty O and his manager  Byron Kabaira of ABX Management have severed their relationship over the incident.

In his statement, Jah Prayzah also lamented the fact that he has received abuse for his work with other artists who were signed to Military Touch Movement.   The disbanding of Military Touch comes about a year after  Andy Muridzo and Tahle Wedzinza left the label.  Tahle did not reveal her reasons for leaving, but she insisted that she was still on good terms with MTM. Andy Muridzo, on the other hand, was more outspoken and claimed that he would never go back to the stable.

Below is the statement released by Jah Prayzah which iHarare is publishing in full.

When I started MTM, my dream was to have a movement that is driven solely by the ambition of the artists and producers involved in it. It has been 3 years since we began the journey and I can say it has been fruitful. We have shared so many joys as a team and joys I will continue to cherish and celebrate. Like any other organisation we also did share our lows and again we went through these together.

Today we celebrate superstars who have been housed in MTM and that was part of the mission, for us all to grow together and celebrate our achievements together. I feel everyone who was involved in MTM is now in a position where they can now also take part in grooming and raising more talent out there. I appreciate the trust that was given to me by these artists who are now brands and also for the privilege of working with legends like ExQ who have been in the game for so many years even before the start of my musical career. It is not an easy process to be able to trust putting your brand under someone else’s umbrella.