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It’s no retreat, no give up for HH – KBF



By Chambwa Moonga

KELVIN Fube Bwalya says it’s no retreat, no give up for UPND Alliance presidential Hakainde Hichilema, in his political campaigns.

While on his marketing campaign path in Malambo Constituency, Mambwe district, in Eastern Province lately, police fired teargass canisters at Hichilema and his supporters, in an try to block the opposition chief.

Bwalya, popularly referred to as KBF, has reacted to the Mambwe incident and asserts that the PF need to ignite some more or less violence and chaos, “so that they find excuses for stopping the elections on the 12 of August.”

Bwalya, a legal professional, leads the Zambia Must Prosper Movement, a political grouping that pals itself to the UPND Alliance.

“I want to report that I have just been on the phone with president Hakainde Hichilema of the UPND Alliance. I want to report that our presidential candidate was attacked by police on a peaceful campaign trail in Malambo Constituency in the Eastern Province,” Bwalya stated.

“However, the president has assured me that he is well and he wants all party members to remain calm and non-violent in whatever campaigns they are conducting.”

He has confident UPND Alliance supporters that Hichilema is: “well and safe,”

“We should have no retribution. We understand that the police are working under pressure. We understand that this brutal regime will stop at nothing but to ignite some kind of violence and chaos so that they find excuses for stopping the elections on the 12 of August,” he famous

“[But] that will not happen; the president has directed that all party members continue their campaign without violence and he will continue his campaign.”

Bwalya persisted, pronouncing: “no retreat, no surrender! Akuna kulala (no sleeping).”

“We are moving forward. So, be assured that president Hakainde Hichilema is well and safe, and he will continue on his campaign trail. If anything happens, we shall keep you informed,” stated Bwalya.