It’s like your arrogance has started again, Seer1 tells PF leaders

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Seer 1 on Lungu and Pf

SOUTH African based Nigerian prophet Andrew Ejimadu aka Seer 1 says contrary to what was agreed with him, the PF government and leaders have once again become arrogant.

Lamenting the closure of Prime Television by government using the Independent Broadcasting Authority, Seer1 wondered how the only voice for the opposition would be closed at such a time when the world was grappling with the deadly coronavirus.

He warned President Edgar Lungu that he was watching him and his government’s deeds on Zambians.

“I want to tell the government of Zambia that I am watching, I am watching how they are treating innocent people in Zambia and it’s not in agreement to what happened the other time,” Seer1 said.

“It’s like your arrogance has started again, you have become arrogant again but I don’t want you to forget that I am watching you. You have closed Prime Television…I am coming. We are all respecting COVID-19, we are all respecting this moment of coronavirus and you are taking advantage of the situation to oppress people, you close Prime TV, the only voice that the opposition has in Zambia. You closed it and you think you are wise. Today honorable Chishimba Kambwili was supposed to have a programme, the assignment on Muvi TV and Muvi TV cannot air the programme because of fear and intimidating…. I am coming, we are watching you, personally Seer 1 I am watching you, God Father is watching you.”

Seer1 recalled that the last time he spoke, government leaders pretended to be humble and to love Zambians but noted that their arrogance had resurrected.

“President, I swear this is not you and this is not in agreement with what all of us agreed and very soon…. We are all respecting corona but now you think you can do things anyhow. The last time when I spoke in Zambia, humility came, you people pretended like you love the people, like you are humble but you want to take advantage of corona to humiliate people again, I am coming, my eyes are on you,” Seer1 warned.

He further said it was very important that the government respects people and their voice.

He warned President Lungu and ‘his people’ to be careful as he wondered which public in whose interest Prime Television was closed.

“Who from the public complained? Be very careful… I didn’t want to talk about Zambia because we are dealing with Africa now, dealing with the world but I just want to remind you that I am watching the way you are treating people, be careful, don’t provoke things now that we are… Everyone is now supposed to be concerned with coronavirus, no one is supposed to be talking about politics. Now that every country is grappling with the economy, economies are falling, people are crying every day, people don’t have food and this is where you can’t have the heart to close your brother’s business,” he said.

Seer1 noted that Prime Television was not a foreign company but indigenous, a local business thus wondered how one would close a ‘brother’s’ business in such a time.

“Prime TV is not coming from America, Prime TV is nit coming from China, it’s your own brother’s business, you can close your heart like Nebuchadnezzar and close it, like I said be careful, all if you in PF that think like Dora Siliya… mama haha haha, in your own case when I look at you I laugh. This is Iike…picking a diamond from the street, you don’t know how it came, you have jumped into it and you are now making decisions,” Seer1 said.

He reminded Siliya that the person that founded PF was the same man she was insulting in Parliament by raising a middle finger.

He said Siliya and her counterparts in government were wicked.

“You, today you have become a champion… because I kept quiet. I said okay let’s do this thing in a way…because I received some other thing and I said okay…now all of you think I am stupid, that I am bit wise, Dora Siliya, you are jumping up and down to go and close your own brother’s business when everyone is crying, even you are crying, the whole country is crying, the whole world is crying, there is no food, the economy is bad then you go and close your brother’s business! You are wicked and because you are wicked, wicked things will happen to you,” said Seer1.

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