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It Hurts PF That Lungu Swindled A Poor Widow-Sikaile Sikaile

President Lungu

We have been alerted by our impeccable sources within state house how the opposition UPND convention has left trouble within the PF camp. there’s panic among them as they hoped for total confusion within the opposition in order that they might cash in . Congratulations to the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema for peacefully , successfully organizing his party in an orderly manner before, during and after the convention. We are grateful that there was no life lost and business continued as was common . it’s our greatest hope and prayer that PF will emulate and learn from their counterparts. No must die within the pursuit of public service. Doors should widely opened for everybody to participate freely within the Political process. there’s absolutely nothing wrong with PF emulating this positive and mature gesture the opposition has shown to the country.
We appeal to the PF leadership because we are scared about their daily insults, threats and plans to kill one another at their convention thanks to various camps emerging. Daggers and matchetes are reportedly being amassed and sharped for the day of Armageddon. We believe such confusions can’t only affect PF but the country as an entire because violence never chooses.

In addition we’ve been informed that there are over five groups and this is often why PF cadres have already started preparing the bottom for his or her leaders.

However, our concerns aren’t about these political parties conventions but the longer term of our nation. we would like to remind the Zambian people to be very extra careful with PF and Mr Edgar Lungu before 2021 general elections. the most important mistake ever would be that of allowing Mr Lungu to abrogate the constitution of Zambia to travel for the third term. Under the present circumstances, albeit the Constitution allowed Mr. Lungu to continue, it might are morally wrong to permit him to continue considering his failure and destruction of our economy. He has destroyed the very foundation that ought to have sustained our democracy through his obsession with power. We all got to get up and tell him that it’s criminal and Treasonable for him to travel for the third term when the constitution of Zambia is simple . nobody are often elected president quite twice . We advise Mr Lungu to think and behave sort of a citizen who cares about the longer term of this country. we all know he has stolen enough, but let him spare peace for us.

Secondly, we might wish to remind you our fellow citizens that don’t make another mistake of trusting PF government. Anything to try to to with PF must be thrown into the ashcan . PF should be treated like diapers, for an equivalent reason, they ought to be thrown away. These people are criminals, murderers and shameless thieves who haven’t only stolen our resources but poisoned us with expired drugs since 2016.We are warning you only like we did in 2015 and 2021 so it’s up to you if you would like them to completely destroy even the small left overs remaining or not. We all got to unite and speak with one voice against these people. That’s what true patriotism demands now..
They will come to you with stolen and printed money trying to shop for you but believe your tomorrow. Especially my fellow youths, will they be ready to offer you that K100 for subsequent five years? They did this in 2016, they bought a number of you beer but after manipulating the elections they disappeared. Use your brains properly this point around fellow country men and ladies .

They have stolen. In their homes there are trunks of stolen moneys which they’re giving to you as handouts within the name of empowerment. What quite empowerment is K100? this is often nonsense and may only happen under a failed leader like President Lungu and his minions.

We also want to challenge president Edgar Lungu who always sings about morals and values to inform the state whenever he’s addressing the state . What morals are there in swindling a widow like he did. i feel this is often why he has successfully ran a corrupt government because stealing to him is normal. within the next address we appeal to journalists to question him about the case of swindling a widow. Is swindling someone not a criminal offense? Your guess is nearly as good as mine.

We all know who are real criminals. Vote wisely and save Zambia from total collapse.

Sikaile C Sikaile
Good Governance and Human Rights Activist for Zambia and Amnesty International

Source: Zambian Observer