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Is This Zodwa Wabantu’s New Bae?

Zodwa Webantu's new bae, Zodwa Wabantu
South African media personality, Zodwa Wabantu, is still reeling from her breakup with Ben10, Vusi Buthelezi. Whilst she has publicly claimed that she wants her man back, Zodwa has still been braving the quarantine all by her lonesome.

In a recent Instagram post, Zodwa teased fans with a mystery man, is he Zodwa Wabantu’s new Bae? The media star was seen posing up close and personal with a tall stranger, pouting a kiss a kiss in his direction. She captioned the post with, “They ask why I’m friendly to Men.I Like Men Period. Is there a problem liking Men Or Ngisfebe? Who doesn’t like Men?”. The man smiled coyly at the camera whilst Zodwa got all up in his space.

A number of fans commented on the post, with many questioning her on whether this is her new man. Toya Tshabala stated, “But he’s no Ben10?? What happened here.” Another commenter stated, “You are right. Men tell the truth Stick to men!”.

But where is your mask, Zodwa?!

Few Weeks ago…

Zodwa Wabantu: “I Want My Man Back!”

Just a few days ago we reported that Zodwa Wabantu and her boyfriend Vusi Buthelezi had called time on their relationship.

On the reason for the breakup she said “Things were not working out, he left but I’ve learnt that you must allow people to leave. You accept things as they come and as they are and allow people to be themselves.”

Well, Zodwa is not ready to let go of the relationship and wants her man back.

Speaking to the Daily Sun Zodwa was not shy in letting us know she was not over Vusi.

“He did not tell me that it is over, but he is avoiding me that is why I even posted on social media that it is over between us. He is not talking to me, he does not take my calls… I want my man back.”

The publication also tried to talk to Vusi but he declined to comment.

“I don’t want to talk about it. Please talk to her,”

In other news,  Zodwa Wabantu, has debuted the first makeup item featured in her newly announced Zodwa Wabantu Beauty Collection. The new product, titled Exotic Red Lipsticks, shows a red lip liner and liquid lipstick, which parallels her bold persona.

Congratulations to her on her new venture.

How things went South…

Zodwa Wabantu Splits With Bae, Vusi Buthelezi

Well, the year 2020 feels like one hell of a decade in one year and the funny thing is we are not even halfway lol. We have seen AKA go broke, Cassper cower from boxing challenge, and we have already had more than a fair share of Mzansi Celebs Breakups.
The Year kicked of with DJ Zinhle and AKA BreakUp, followed by the shocking Lerato Kganyago and Thami Ndlala BreakUp. As if that was not enough for one year, Zodwa Wabantu got to split up with her Ben 10 lover too!

We are not sure if these are effects of the coronavirus lockdown but yo!, its been quite a lot to take in. It seems like Zodwa Wabantu’s latest relationship with her Ben 10 Vusi is has taken a knock and the two are on a break.

Speaking to Drum Magazine the dancer has revealed that although the two had been on lockdown together, Vusi has since left.

Elaborating further Zodwa says things started going sour after the break-in at her Durban house that saw robbers making away with items worth over R100 000. She even issued a statement that she was willing to pay a reward of R30 000 to recover her stolen property.

On the reason for the breakup, she said “Things were not working out, he left but I’ve learned that you must allow people to leave. You accept things as they come and as they are and allow people to be themselves.”

Vusi is her second public relationship after her breakup with Ntobeko Linda a year ago.

Although things are not working out on the personal front, Zodwa Wabantu is expanding her beauty business. After launching her perfume range which consists of two perfumes she is gearing up to launch her petroleum jelly and lipstick.

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The way Zodwa Wabantu seems to crave for younger men is quite interesting and also disturbing. Trying to understand it one may assume older men can be controlling so it would not work with her lifestyle.

Some are also of the impression Zodwa has a higher s.e.x drive and she feels only younger energetic men can satisfy her. However, is Zodwa was a man would she not have been persecuted and branded in the same group as R Kelly…Continue Reading…