Iris Kaingu, From S.E.X Tape to Queen Socialite

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It has been a long road for Iris Kaingu and boy oh boy does she keep getting better like a fine wine. It feels like yesterday when she went viral for a s.e.xtape in her college years. Many slandered and judged her during that period, however, one may say there is no such thing as bad publicity. It’s amazing how she managed to leverage that dark cloud in her life to do exploits on the silver lining.

It did not take long for her to be the topic for gossip tabloids, where she went she was easily gossip-newsworthy. Everyone wanted to know who is she dating who is she with what is she doing? As it caught on to her this was the case she knew she had to dress to kill at every opportunity or event she went to. It is undisputed that Iris is one of Zambia’s fashion icons. As if that were not enough, Iris managed to become the ambassador for  Zambia Tourism. The most premium socialite events you can definitely be assured Iris Kaingu will be one of the main guests.

As I look beyond it all….. my confidence Lord, is that you’ve never failed me yet!!- your will be done in my life always ????

I love you Jesus

What everyone agrees on is how Iris is the hottest Zed Socialite, every guy wants to date her and every girl wants to be like her.

Holidays and vacations is a must for the socialite.

You’ve been good to me my Darling 2k18! Vacay ????????‍♀️☘️….. ????

This is definitely Zambian Sauce…


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