Interpreting The Landslide Victory By President-elect: What Does This Mean To Democracy?

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H.E President Hakainde Hichilema

By McDonald Chipenzi

The 2021 General Election has left politcial and electoral wounds on the political and Electoral front on some political parties esp the outgoing ruling party.

The General Election has now produced the following reality
UPND elected MPs have increased from 56 at the dissolution of Parliament this year to 109 MPs, PF has reduced from 81 elected MPs to 26 while Independent MPs have also steadily increased from 14 to 26. Nominated MPs remain at 8 in addition to the elected vice-president while opposition PNUP for Higvie Hamududu secured one seat from Nalolo.

What does it mean when it comes to passing Progressive Laws in Parliment and democracy?

This means that the new ruling party will have an easy way of passing, altering and amending laws in parliament without any serious fight since its share of the MPs meets 2/3 majority.

The new ruling party now has been given a blank cheque in as far as business of the House is concerned.

Now is the opportunity for new ruling party to change the bad laws such as the Public Order Act, Cyber security and crimes Act and some bad clauses in the constitution such as appointing ministers from within parliament.

There will be no reason for the new ruling party to fail to change these laws and put in place new and friendly legal and Constitutional order.

In other words, the new government must embark on a new and genuine legal and constitution reform process.

This means that the opposition MPs in parliament are insignificant and will have no impact at all in as far as passing of laws is concerned as this General Election has produced a one party dominant parliament.

In this regard, there will be need for the emergency and rise of a strong civil society movement and church to provide oversight to the new government.

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