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‘I’m ready to be Durban mayor’, says Thabane Nyawose the eThekwini ANC’s number 1 electoral candidate


By Thabo Makwakwa 41m ago

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DURBAN – The ANC’s eThekwini number one candidate, Thabane Nyawose, says he is ready to lead the metro after his name appeared at the top on the Electoral Commission’s list for this year’s local government elections in the region.

Nyawose has never shied away from expressing his willingness to serve as the executive mayor of the municipality if the branches of the ANC embraced the list as it now stands.

Nyawose said he felt vindicated as this was confirmation that people had confidence in his capability to lead the metro.

“After winning the elective conference of the region in 2015 alongside James Nxumalo we were disbanded, but this did not take anything away from us. We hope all branches accept the list for nominations so that we work together and rebuild the region. It is also important to reflect on the political dynamics of the province and realise that, as a party, we are not doing well. I must also indicate that under the leadership of provincial secretary Mdumiseni Ntuli, the ANC in the province is reinventing itself… We are all committed to assist and unite,” said Nyawose.

Former ANCYL and current member of the executive committee Thanduxolo Sabelo, whose name appeared on the list at number seven, said he was aware he had made it onto the list.

He added that he had no desire to be mayor as he believed the position required a well-capacitated person who understood the responsibility that came with the position.

“The biggest problem we face in the ANC is people’s uncontrollable lust for positions.

“We can’t tolerate people who want to lead at all costs and not see potential in others but themselves.

“The ANC has a pool of capable leaders who will drive the development of the City in the desired direction. I must also add that often those who are capable never go around making noises, but lead by example,” said Sabelo.

The DA leader in eThekwini, Nicole Graham, said the party had no confidence in the ANC and said it had promised to rope in good councillors but this had never happened.

The EFF spokesperson in eThekwini, Mazwi Blose, said the list was a reflection of a “dominant faction in the region”.

“The ANC can’t resolve any internal disputes.

“What we are seeing is a list of the (faction) currently dominating the region.

“This is clear that there will not be a building of anything and this is why most of the councillors will not make it because there is no continuity.

“They are failing to convene and have their regional conference because there is no unity.”

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