I’m Optimistic…we Should Expect The Very Best From HH- Dr Caleb Fundanga

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Former Bank of Zambia governor Dr Caleb Fundanga says he expects a very business friendly policy environment from President-elect Hakainde Hichilema’s government.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Dr Fundanga said he will wait to hear the full inauguration speech from President-elect Hichilema, saying right now he was very optimistic and would even be more optimistic upon the speech.

On the sharp appreciation of the Kwacha against other major convertible currencies following the announcement that Hichilema had won, Dr Fundanga said the Kwacha has been appreciating, and that “of course the coming in of a new government obviously will have an impact on economic variables.”

“The message generally is very positive about what will come out of it. But I will even be more positive when I see the various elements in the thing (inaugural speech),” Dr Fundanga said. “Obviously we expect a very business friendly policy environment from him. He is a business person, an economist and business expert. He… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/im-optimistic-we-should-expect-the-very-best-from-hh-says-dr-fundanga/

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