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If you think celebs are the reason why ANC is in power, you’re delusional – AKA

AKA, Cassper, #AKASanamali

AKA has clapped back at a tweep who insinuated that celebrities that campaigned for the ANC during elections are to blame for the ruling party’s mishaps and several corruption allegations.

AKA, who helped promote the ANC alongside other celebs, was mentioned by a tweep who partially blamed him for all the wrong the ANC has done in Mzansi.

The tweep reasoned that AKA and his celeb colleagues had no right to complain about ANC because they helped the political party get votes and therefore power.

AKA hit back.

“If you think celebrities are the reason the ANC is in power you’re delusional,” he said.

The rapper has shared his political affiliations in the past and has made it clear before that his blood is black, green and yellow/gold. However, he has also criticised government on social media several times.

In fact, just recently AKA criticised the ruling party’s leadership and particularly president Cyril Ramaphosa for the second alcohol ban as the country battles with Covid-19.

For all the criticism he dishes out almost daily, Mega doesn’t take kindly to being criticised, especially when it isn’t coming from people in the megacy.

The Jika hitmaker also wanted to make it clear that people that tweet such things about him were not “true” fans of his.

“Why are these people always referred to as ‘fans’. What makes them fans? ‘Hey AKA! Why are you swearing at your fans, etc’. If everyone on this app was a fan I’d sell four million albums on the same day I drop. Cut this s**t out,” he said.