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IBM says the US should adopt new export controls on face recognition systems

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Washington – IBM Corp said on Friday the U.S. Department of Commerce should adopt new controls to limit the export of face recognition systems to repressive regimes which will be wont to commit human rights violations.

The company said during a statement the us should institute new export limits on “the sort of face recognition system presumably to be utilized in mass surveillance systems, racism or other human rights violations.”

In July, the Department of Commerce had sought public comments on whether to adopt new export license requirements for face recognition software and other biometric systems utilized in surveillance. Comments are due by Sept. 15.

Christopher Padilla, IBM’s vice chairman for state and regulatory affairs, told Reuters the U.S. government should specialise in “one to many” systems that would be wont to pick dissidents out of a crowd or for mass surveillance, instead of “facial identification” systems that allow a user to unlock an iPhone or board an airplane.

IBM said the Department of Commerce should control “export of both the high-resolution cameras wont to collect data and therefore the software algorithms wont to analyze and match that data against a database of images” and argued it should “limit the power of certain foreign governments to get the large-scale computing components required to implement an integrated face recognition system.”

The company’s written comments didn’t identify specific governments but said “controls on the foremost powerful sorts of face recognition technology should be focused on those countries that have a history of human rights abuses.”

The Commerce Department’s July notice said China “has deployed face recognition technology within the Xinjiang region, during which there has been repression, mass arbitrary detention and technology surveillance against Uighurs, Kazakhs and other members of Muslim minority groups.”

The department has added dozens of Chinese companies and entities to an economic blacklist that it said were implicated in human rights violations regarding China’s treatment of Uighurs, including video surveillance firm Hikvision , also as leaders in face recognition technology SenseTime Group Ltd and Megvii Technology.

China has denied mistreating people in Xinjiang.

IBM said the Department of Commerce should also restrict access to online image databases which will be wont to train face recognition systems.

In June, IBM told the U.S. Congress it might stop offering face recognition software and opposes any use of such technology for purposes of mass surveillance and racism . the corporate also involved new federal rules to carry police more in charge of misconduct.