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I Introduced Hichilema to Politics But Left Him Because He’s Directionless




It could be very unhappy that the opposition UPND is desirous about issuing insults at the presidency and the Zambian other folks as an alternative of providing significant exams and balances to Government, Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Media Director Antonio Mourinho Mwanza has mentioned.

And Mwanza states that recently, there’s no opposition in Zambia in a position to unseating the PF.

Speaking when he featured on Sun FM’s ‘Public Forum’ the day prior to this, Mwanza mentioned it’s anticipated of the opposition to inform the Zambian other folks what they’re doing to assist cope with some demanding situations affecting the country.

Mwanza challenged the fast-collasping UPND which has persisted to lose elections to provide selection answers to Government.

“And that is what is expected of the opposition, offering alternatives and providing proper checks and balances but what direction is the current opposition taking?” requested Mr. Mwanza.

“The opposition died when some of us left because when we had issues, we could write to the Ministries and used to hammer with facts as opposed to making baseless accusations.. You can ask HH. Some of us introduced him to politics but had to leave him because he has no direction.”

Mwanza additional challenged the UPND to get critical and draft their celebration Manifesto except for insulting President Edgar Lungu’s management and blameless Zambians as was once the hot case in Lukashya the place UPND chief Hakainde Hichilema issued unpalatables at a crowd that incorporated ladies and babies.

He additionally expressed unhappiness that as an alternative of Hichilema apologising, the UPND has selected to justify the insults.

“UPND has no Manifesto outlining as to how they’re going to govern and that’s if they’ll ever govern this country, God forbid, as a result of as an alternative of providing sensible possible choices, they’re busy providing insults.

“But when we talk about PF, our manifesto, policies are based on development. It is about ‘Sontapo’ (pointing) and we are pointing on the massive infrastructure developments taking place in all parts of the country such as hospitals, schools, roads and creating jobs for Zambians.”

The PF Deputy Media Director added that, “but on the other side, our colleagues spend their time insulting President Lungu and the Zambian people. Everyday it’s the same old stories of ‘bandibida ma votes (they have stolen my votes) instead of providing practical checks and balances because that is what we expect from the opposition”. -SMART EAGLES