I have won under PF but I want to serve under UPND – PF Chipangali MP Andrew Lubusha

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Andrew Lubusha

I have won under PF but I want to serve under UPND – PF Chipangali MP

Andrew Lubusha, the PF Chipangali MP has allegedly said he no longer desires to work under his former ruling party and that he is willing to serve the ruling party, the United Party for National Development (UPND).

Sources close to Lubusha say the PF Chipangali MP said this evening that he doesn’t see any future in the former ruling party because of poor vision and bad leadership exhibited.

However, the sources in PF say many members are trying to find room in UPND so that they avoid jail in an event that His Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema pursues criminals.

The source says among the common crimes committed by most PF members is importing expensive vehicles without paying duty for them as well as getting maize from Food Reserve Agency (FRA) without paying for it and stealing Fertilizer meant for farmers.

Meanwhile,Andrew Lubusha is one of the many very rich people in youths. His colleagues keep asking where he got his riches at such a young age but without businesses to show for his wealth.

According to Inteligence reports, he spent a total of K14 million to get adopted under PF and vowed that he would become Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development after PF victory. One day, he was reported to the Police by Emmanuel JJ Banda for allegedly stealing his truck. The case is still active at the Police but was thrown under because he served as PF Eastern Province Chairman.

Since last night, PF has seen an exodus of it’s members and cadres running to UPND in a bid to avoid the law.

It remains to be seen if President Hichilema will entertain criminals.

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