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I Could M@sturbate 16 Times A Day And Struggled With The Addiction

Vera Chambashi, Sexual addiction,


This 19-year-old girl has overcome m@sturbation addiction which started at the age of 6. “M@sturbation isn’t only a sin but a barrier to an excellent future,” Vera Chambashi says.

The 19 year old Vera may be a victim of m@sturbation who wants to vary the society through educating children on the consequences of m@sturbation. During an interview with Girl Empowerment Alliance for Change, she narrates ” i used to be so scared to abandoning of the addiction. it had been my only remedy for depression on the other hand it had been killing me from the within too.

M@sturbating had become a crucial ritual in my lifestyle from the age of six and as I grew up, it had became an addiction. Mostly with the influence of p0rnography as a lass , I’d be s3xually too active for no reason…
I was very antisocial and shy then but my head was filled with obscene scenes. Most of them were my very own creations.

During school holidays I’d m@sturbate up to 16 times during a day. albeit I did it this much, I still felt unloved, I still felt as if I’m missing something. another a part of me would always argue with me. “Like do I even need to be loved?” Or “you’re only one hell of a nasty girl! You deserve nothing.” I accepted all those Assumptions I had, like that’s just who i used to be I guess…

I didn’t want this anymore. i used to be uninterested with my dirty mind now… Like I wouldn’t go an hour without fantasising about s3x. I couldn’t help it but cry. No long bath made me desire some dirt was gone. Long baths didn’t help in the least i assume I needed help, now spiritual help.

I got introduced to Jesus and I’d hear about him at church. But I got introduced to him now. Trust me, it had been one incredibly experience I had in my whole life and despite the dirt I rolled in, Jesus still called me his own. He told me he loved me since the time i used to be formed even the time i used to be six.

He said he loved me such a lot that he wouldn’t leave me a bit like that. Instead he found ways to tug me to him and eventually he got me at his side. Via his everlasting Grace and mercies, he purified my mind and now I Don’t operate under the influence of p0rnography, I actually call myself a genius now.

Through some research and surveys I did on folks that are hooked in to p0rnography and m@sturbation, all had a special story and knowledge but I found one thing in common: they’re VERY SMART PEOPLE.

But then the devil is trying to cover that from them through making their minds and body operate under the influence of p0rnography…

But then Jesus is prepared to assist you that needs salvation…
I’d wish to invite every one and organization that might wish to be a part of this important job to assist fight p0rnography addiction especially in children