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“I Am Not Yet Done With Transforming My Body”…Sandra Ndebele Reveals The Secret Behind Her New Look

Sandra Ndebele

Lady of the moment, Sandra Ndebele who is also affectionately known as Sandy has got heads turning with her jaw-dropping hot pics.

Posting pic after pic, setting Zim social media ablaze with her steamy sizzling pics. She is back with a bang, reminding people of her existence through a series of captivating images.

There is a lot of hype around her on social media pages, a Zim Dancehall song in her honor was even composed.

While many are just slouching at home complaining day and night about Covid-19 and the lockdown, Sandy is busy transforming and reinventing herself.  In an interview, Sandra explains what triggered the transformation.

“This transformation is a result of the lockdown. I have not been doing much, so I am focusing on exercising. Before the lockdown, I was going to the gym, but I had many other things to do, so I did not give much attention to exercising.

“In fact, I did not see the need until I spent more time at home.

One day I looked at my reflection in the mirror while I was naked. I did not like the image and I was inspired to work more on my body,” said Sandra.

Sandra says the images that people have seen are far from the image that she is carving for herself. She reveals this is all just the tip of the iceberg, the best is yet to come.

“I am not yet done with transforming my body. I am now feeling fit and I will be on stage in the next two weeks for a live online show. The last time I was on stage, I was feeling heavy, but I am now ready for energetic acts. I feel so different now, but I want to transform this body further.

“I now work out for two hours every morning. When I go to bed late, my husband always wakes me up in time for the session. It is a hard and painful session but I am now used and I want to work harder. I am also monitoring my diet. No more junk food. I am eating more traditional foods.

“People that are being surprised by these images should wait for my live online shows. I am targeting a certain body that I will love and cherish. What you see on those pictures is just the beginning.”

Sandra said she will not be quitting music anytime soon. Her new album titled “Up the Ladder” is set for release on August 30. She is already working on the videos of the upcoming songs and some of the images that have gone viral on social media will be on motion in the new videos.