‘I am done fighting’ – Letoya Makhene

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Letoya Makhene

Generations: The Legacy” actress Letoya Makhene said that she is “done fighting” after doing some hard introspection on her life during Covid-19.

Makhene took to Twitter where she wrote a thread for the masses saying if there is one thing she learned during this pandemic, is that it’s time to make peace with herself and her God.

She said: “Life right now is so unpredictable. Life at the moment has no guarantees. I see so many people still living with so much anger and hatred. I see people dying without having taken a moment to sit with God and reflect.

“Reflect on their lives and certain choices they’ve made. I see people not even trying to make peace with their own spirits. If there’s one thing that I’ve come to learn during this pandemic, is that it’s time to make peace with ourselves and our God,” she wrote.

She continued saying the only thing she is willing to fight for is to keep herself and her family alive.

“I’m done fighting. The only thing I am willing to fight for is to keep myself and my family alive. If you are at war with me, I will pray for you. If you’re digging a grave for me, I will forgive you. The only thing I ask is that if I’ve done you wrong in any way, please forgive me.

“If I’ve hurt you, please forgive me. I may be a spiritual being, but I am still human and therefore I am not without sin. I may have built a name for myself but I am not above you,” said Makhene.

She ended the thread saying that she isn’t sick or dying, but just reflecting.

“I pray that we all find our peace before it’s too late. P. S I’m not sick or dying. This is just me reflecting and sharing. I love you. God bless you. Thokozani,” she said.

Makhene’s fans shared her sentiments and commented with encouraging words.

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