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Huddah Monroe Is Tired Of The Negative Publicity

Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe is tired of being clickbait for news outlets and has taken to Instagram to voice out her frustrations.

The multi-faceted personality and businesswoman is clearly touched that whenever publication write about her it is never to congratulate her, but to ridicule her.  Her most recent headlining story was her spicy comment following the arrest of Hushpappi.

Tweeps and gossip outlets had a field day dragging Huddah for her comments, while suggesting too that her wealth was acquired through her romantic involvement with Hushpappi, who flashed his luxurious lifestyle on social media.

The entrepreneur suggested that instead of the preoccupation with her life, she would advise trolls to focus on using the stones thrown at her to build their own empires.

In Other Stories…Dead broke men give good s.e.x – Huddah Munroe

Controversial socialite Huddah Monroe has revealed that broke men give good s.e.x, but one has to choose a struggle.

In a series of posts she shared on her Instagram stories, the socialite said that if she would settle down she would look for a man who can give her good s.e.x and has wealth.Huddah Munroe

“I’d settle down if I find a man with good d!ck and wealth. Unfortunately most men with good d!cks and f#ck well are dead broke and dudes with cash might have the D but ain’t got time and can’t really f#ck. I gotta pick a struggle,” she said.

She also disclosed that good s.e.x has never been a turn on for her but a man with ambitions always is.


She went ahead to say that she is a high maintenance woman and that good s.e.x from a man alone cannot pay her bills adding that she can use the money to buy herself a male Samantha to satisfy her s.e.xually.

Huddah who calls herself the boss chick is a woman who has always been open about her feelings towards things that affect the society and is a strong advocate of women being independent by working their way through to the top.

She has always been in a fight with fellow socialite Vera Sidika over who is the smartest business wise, and the fight is nowhere near an end.

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