How to be mysterious for your date

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 A man always attracts the opposite s.ex with his mysteriousness. Who is he? This question sleep deprives women and make them want to be with him even more. A lot of thoughts about a certain person lead to an idea… an idea of understanding his motives, an interest. And these things guarantee falling in love within short amount of time.

Generally, men lack mysteriousness. They are like an open book, trying to boast about everything on the first date. It leaves no room for imagination, thus the woman is not very interested. So, how to be a mysterious man?

1. Step one: don’t overshare about yourself.

When men attend the first date, they usually pull all the cards by talking about the smallest details of their private lives, jobs, ex-girlfriends and it’s not sexy at all. It leaves people confused and bored. Usually we tend to estimate the chances by the first date. And when your date understands the general picture of your life, he may OR MAY NOT like this picture.
When a girl asks you something that can be avoided without looking sketchy and weird, try to save the answer for later. Say that it’s a long story and ask any sudden question back, so the woman is left unsatisfied. It’s a good conversation starter and leaves people wondering. But, please, don’t overact, because you might sound like a person who killed someone and tries to disguise it!

2. Distant quest.

When it comes to texting, people usually show even less enthusiasm. Our conversations are boring and lazy. When an opponent asks about a day, we seem to bring zero sense to the speech. It’s a conversation for the sake of conversation, which is completely unproductive.

So, the next time someone texts you even the most casual thing on an international dating site, try to bring a little bit of attitude. Joke, ignore some questions, troll a person and make them want to know you even more. Good humor always makes men wondering what you are like in real life.

3. Ask something provocative.

How to be mysterious to a girl? Interact with people! You may start asking a question and just have the answer. Or you can pretend to be asking a question. Say that you had to pose something extremely important, but forgot what it was about. You’ll tell later. And it has people dying from curiosity.
Pretend to receive a piece of information from your acquaintance about her, but you are too scared to tell. You will freak the person out by saying this trust me.

4. Act weird. I mean, not the asylum level of weird.

You just want to be slightly illogical. It’s a misconception that people hate the lack of logic. Sometimes it’s even funny, especially when you look enchanting and charismatic and when it does fit into the situation. Rave about something unpredictable, run instead of a quiet walk, tease her in the street. Do whatever works when it comes to bringing diversity into your life. Women love expressive and funny men.

5. Bring this into your lifestyle.

It’s not a recommendation to act and pretend. How to look mysterious? Be mysterious; don’t look like you are one of those men from Ryan Gosling movies. If it’s not your thing, don’t force yourself.
I just want you to bring more positivity and sudden childishness not as an act, but as a natural moment when you can switch from a businessy person to a clueless dumbhead. It’s attractive and sweet and makes people wonder how many sides you have.

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